Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Planning Trends of 2009

by Lisa Nelson of Elegant Event Design

1. Minimalism – couples are starting to cut down and focus on areas that are most important to them. I advise all of my clients to forgo favors. Brides and Grooms do not see what’s left behind. In 99% of cases, the favors are left behind.

2. Green – Many couples are opting to go Green on a number of levels. Some, it cutting out many of the paper products and opting for recycled stationary, others are using sustainable products and serving only organic products. Some are greening only aspects of their weddings and others are greening the entire affair. Couples are increasingly becoming environmentally conscience.

3. Simplicity – Smaller, more intimate wedding parties are in.

4. The cut – The economy affects the wedding industry as well. Brides, Grooms, and parents are moving towards more intimate celebrations. Couples have also postponed or opted for smaller destination weddings. I had a mother of the Bride say to me “ We can afford the lavishly expensive wedding, but because the way the stock market is – that is not how I want to spend money right now”

5. Photojournalism – Not much to say here. As in recent years, couples are shying away from the traditional and opting for something more documentary in style. They are also moving away from the “picture in the frame” style Art Leather album to a modern Magazine type layout.

6. Socially responsible – couples are giving money to charity in lieu of favors. Often times, they choose a charity that is close to their hearts. They are also asking their caterers about the possibilities of packing up food and donating it to others in need. I have had a bride donate her flowers to a hospital. What better way to cheer up patients than a bouquet of perfect white callas!

7. Sophistication – The Bride is choosing a more simple and sophisticated look for her and her Bridesmaids.

8. Tradition – couples are shying away from tradition. They are writing their own vows, cutting out announcements, cutting out bridal party dances, opting not to have bouquet and garter tosses. They really concentrate on making the event reflect them and their personalities.

9. Using friends and family – UGH, I would really advise you not to do this. There is a reason why there are professionals in this industry. I have seen a wedding cake drop to the floor. It’s really not the way to save money.


Anonymous said...

These are very smart trends to stick with...all but #9, LMBO, really? A cake dropped on the floor? Goodness Gracious!

Anonymous said...

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