Friday, May 29, 2009

Fab Find: Bridal Wedding Shoe

With so many clothing companies getting into the wedding business, who knows where you'll find the perfect bridal shoe. That's good news for brides-to-be who are looking for more options at affordable prices. Take a look at this satin shoe we found online at

- it's sassy with a sensible heel!

Off-White Satin Malia Heel

Off-White Satin Malia Heel

33 bucks!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Favor of the Day

Today's popsicle favor looks good enough to eat. But it's actually a bar of soap. It's wrapped in cellophane with a pink ribbon and a decorative sticker. Your guests are guaranteed to take it home.

Love-sicle Soap Wedding Favor
by Cheers Favor Company

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Darius Cordell Designs

You don't always find the perfect dress at bridal boutiques. More and more brides-to-be are working with individual designers to bring home the right dress. Here are plus-size wedding gowns from independent, but ambitious Texas designer Darius Cordell Couture.

See more Darius Cordell dresses here, here, and here .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Question of Etiquette?

Today, we've decided to tackle something we hear discussed quite a bit on our message board and several others on the internet. It's suddenly hot question, "Do I have to feed the band or DJ?"
The short answer is this: Not only should you reserve meals for your musicians, but also for your photographer and perhaps a few other vendors as well. In fact, many wedding vendors stipulate in their contracts that meals - and breaks - will be provided. (Just add the vendors into your head count, if you're having a buffet.) Even if it isn't required, it's the right and gracious thing to do. What's more, your vendors are far more likely to do their jobs well if these basic human needs have been met.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us why in our comments section!

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