Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fairy Tale Wedding Accessories

What little girl DOESN'T grow up hearing fairy tales? We all did. And then we learned they weren't true. But suddenly one day our prince came along and soon we found ourselves engaged to be married. So, it's no wonder the fairy tale/princess theme is still going strong in today's weddings. It's also one of the easiest motifs to pull off because it can be done with just a few choice accessories. In fact, many of the accessories can be used with lots of other wedding themes for a little extra sparkle. Here are some of the treasures we spotted online:

Fairytale Carriage Cake Topper or Castle Cake Topper

Happily Ever After Slipper Candle Wedding Favor

Happily Ever After Silhouette Place Card Holders

Magic Frog Soap

Anyone can have a ring pillow, but what about a 3-tier ring bearer pillow?

Princess Handbag

Swarovski Flower Necklaces

...and what princess is complete without her tiara?

Do you have any suggestions or tips for themed weddings? If so, let us know in the comments section.


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