Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Trend Watch

It's stunning how fast trends can change in the wedding industry and in fashion overall. Thank goodness we're patched in to wedding experts who keep us informed and on our toes. One of those experts is Vicky Johnson, the owner of Holy Matrimony. She tells us to be on the lookout for all-out glamour this wedding season.

"Hollywood Glam is currently very hot. Clean lines in the construction of gown and fine fabrics. Heavy embellishments focused on one area of the gown leaving the remainder of the gown simple but classic. Gowns will be less fussy with fewer complicated folds and rouching", says Johnson.

She also says that while brides-to-be are following the trends, they're not following a lot of rules. A lot of the finer details that might have seemed like requirements in the past are being scaled back or dropped altogether. But she says there's nothing wrong with that. "Today's weddings are different and exemplify more of the couple's personality," Johnson says. One of the examples she cites: wedding favors, which are taking on a more personal tone and getting more in line with the theme of the entire wedding day. Johnson says she's seeing green or environmentally-friendly favors as well as charitable donations in the guest's honor.

Brides have always added cultural touches to their weddings. But that idea is going through some changes as well. "Cultural is taking a turn to family-specific", Johnson says. "We are seeing more and more couples share things done in their own families with their larger group of friends and co workers. "

Stay tuned for more in our Wedding Watch series. Have you spotted any new wedding trends or just something new that tickles your fancy? If so, please share with us by clicking on "comments".

Vicky Johnson is the owner of Holy Matrimony. She is also the editor of a wedding planning blog that is currently accepting Atlanta brides.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jill Scott Engaged Drummer

Wedding Bells are in Jill Scott's future. The sultry singer announced this week she's engaged to her drummer, John Roberts (also known as Lil Jon). Some New York City fans got to hear the news a few days early, though. We're told that toward the end of Jill's JVC Jazz Festival concert at Carnegie Hall last Friday, John presented Jill with a bouquet off roses and gave her a long kiss. That's when she reportedly turned and said to the audience, "Ain't life funny? We're engaged." Woo hoo!
You'll recall Jilly from Philly ended her five-year marriage to Lyzel Williams last year. But we just knew ths gem wouldn't stay on the market for long, didn't we?
Here's Jill at the BET Awards this week.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just the way you are....

We've all known a bride-to-be who is dieting like crazy in an effort to lose weight before the wedding. Heck, some of us newlyweds have been that girl. Maybe we wanted to fit into the gown of our dreams or look forever slim in our photographs. Whatever the reason, it's probably not the best idea to crash diet at a time when your life is going through enough changes. The reality is this: You're a perfectly gorgeous bride-to-be, just the way you are! In fact, columnist Jenice Armstrong has an interesting look at the concept behind the television show "Bulging Brides". Read more in her article HERE.

It seems everyone wants to know, "Why do brides put so much pressure on themselves, when the grooms obviously don't?" The dieting, the planning, the pressure... it's enough to turn ANYONE into a bonafied bridezilla. Give your point of view in the comments section!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes, welcome to the new home of voluptuous, curvy, lucious brides and brides-to-be! Here is where we'll show off the latest styles that make the most of our full-figures and get the low-down on the newest beauty and fashion tips. Settle in and make yourself completely at home....

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